5 Ecofriendly Beach Destinations

Whether you are a jetsetter or a backpacker, if you plan to have an eco-friendly vacation, on Wajay you’ll find the ideal destination. Here are a few suggestions based on travel types, fashionable, active, with kids, splurge and budget , to help you planning your perfect earth friendly beach escape.

13 Haunted Places to Visit for Halloween

This year bring together your passion for travel and upgrade your Halloween experience to something more realistic that plastic puppets and spooky paraphernalia by visiting one of this haunted cities and locations from around the world. From serial murders scenes and plague infested halls to vicious landlords and pagan sacrifices, these are 13 (!) most spectral places to visit to get real for Halloween.

Eco-Friendly Fall Weekend trips

6 Eco-Friendly Weekend Ideas To Welcome Fall and Beat the End of Summer Blues 

Good bye long days, warm weather, light clothes and the great outdoors. All around the Northern hemisphere schools are reopening, thus marking the unofficial end of the summer. This change of season can be saddening, if not traumatic (yes, we know a few beach animals!), for some, that’s why we put together a few ideas for short eco-friendly trips and activities to beat the end of summer blues. 

Elephant day 2017 and ecoresorts to meet those amazing animals

Elephant Day 2017: eco-friendly destinations to help the elephants’ cause

Since 2012, August 12th marks World Elephant Day, a reminder to preserve and protect the elephants around the world. As the tiger, the elephant is another animal that has accompanied humans in their legends, stories and daily lives for millennia.

Tiger Day 2017: Responsible Tourism Can Help Save the Tigers

On July 29th the world celebrates International Tiger Day for the 7th year. As all most of these recurrences, it’s a bitter-sweet reminder of our flawed relationship with wildlife. On one hand, we celebrate the beauty of nature and one of the most admired animals in the world, an animal which has come to incarnate powerful myths throughout the history of humankind. On the other hand, we are reminded of their impending extinction, caused by us, of course. 

Green Travel Gear: 12 items you can’t forget to pack

Choosing sustainable hotels and transportation are important factors to travel in an environmentally friendly way, however, what you pack is also very important. Here are a few essential items to bring along to make sure your travel will leave the smallest carbon foot-print as possible.

Wayaj Launches at NY Green Festival Expo 2017

View Wayaj’s presentation at NY Green Festival Expo!

Wayaj Eco-Rating System for Hotels and Resorts

The Wayaj rating system was created to solve some of the issues with green hotel rating systems.  The first issue is that rating systems can be very complicated. This makes it difficult for hotels to comply with the rating system and for guests to appreciate it.  Our rating system is thorough yet concise.  Another issue was that many rating systems were created using subjective or arbitrary guidelines and thresholds without any evidence. This means that many hotels were receiving rating that they shouldn’t have (good or bad).  Our rating system was created by a sustainable professional with a background in green buildings. Also, many rating systems require too little or too much verification to confirm their rating.  Our rating system was created with this in mind to ensure that hotels have an easy time in submitting their hotel to our community.  In addition, our rating system needs to be verified on two ends.  The first is with data from the hotel and the second is from the hotel guests.
There are several categories that we determined as the most important when considering which green hotel to book with, community, water, management, energy, purchasing of products, waste, and indoor environment.

10 Steps to Travel Green

What does it mean to travel green? What can you do during your stay that could minimize the environmental impact of your adventure? Those are just some of the questions we often ask ourselves when we are traveling. We all know traveling takes a lot of resources and has a significant impact on local communities and natural habitats. Traveling green is all about being conscious of the environment.  Here are ten tips to keep in mind when it comes to traveling green.