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We’re living in an exciting era of travel. Digital technology has empowered us to find unique resorts, indigenous restaurants, and the best cultural sites and shops, in almost any destination even before we get there. However, there is more to travel than destinations. Modern travelers are also acutely aware of the effects of their actions on the natural environment and the local communities. Tourists are increasingly looking for ways in which their passion for travel can be reconciled with respect for the natural habitat and the empowerment of local residents.

The importance of eco-tourism is also highlighted by the fact that in 2017 the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) celebrates the Year of Sustainable Tourism. The data from the UNWTO proves the power of tourism to grow and strengthen local economies. For many developing countries tourism is the first export market.



Wayaj is the first travel app designed to explore and book sustainable and socially responsible vacations across the world. From luxury LEED certified hotels in major cities to unique wellness retreats surrounded by pristine natural habitats, Wayaj brings you the best selection of sustainable travel destination in an easy-to-use app.

Wayaj  brings together two major current trends of the travel industry: sustainable tourism and mobile bookings in an engaging and user-friendly experience.

All the destinations are scored using our comprehensive eco-rating system and constantly updated using user reviews.



Wayaj brings at your fingertips a wide range of destinations and experiences from around the world.

  • Explore eco friendly hotels and resorts
  • Save and manage your favorites
  • See what others think of the location
  • Book your stay
  • Find other eco-travelers


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UNWTO 2017

We have an ambitious mission, but we know we are not alone. Many tourists, gypsetters, globetrotters and modern nomads share it with us, Wayaj is just a tool to help us to achieve this goal. Together, one journey at the time.